Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Useful Writer's Tips for Indie Authors

Hello writers and readers, 

I have found a good article about writing tips  and I would like to share with you, I think could be useful for beginners writers, well also for me too!  
All want to know the perfect way how to write, but I think everyone has its style but I think my tip over the ones on this list is:   just be yourself.  

1. Don’t write linearly: Don’t set out to write something from beginning to end. A story is meant to be read from front to back, but not necessarily created that way. If you have an idea for writing the sixth chapter first, then start there. The epilogue can even be the first thing you put down on paper, then work your way back. Scattered chapters will eventually be filled in, and it will force you to look at the story from different angles, which may present different ideas or new approaches. You’d be surprised how well this works when a whole book starts coming together. It’s also great for getting around writer’s block.

 2. Have two or more projects on the go: Speaking of writer’s block, having more than one project on the go is never a bad idea. Although focus and dedication are paramount to completing a work, sometimes you inevitably get stuck. It’s good to be able to move on to something else instead of feeling frustrated and stagnant. You don’t have to have a few big projects happening either … maybe you’re penning a novel, but also some short stories and an article or two.

 3. Be your own editor: There are days where I have difficulty writing altogether, so I’ll switch to editing my stories rather than trying to create them. Never assume it is someone else job to fix your mistakes. Find all the errors first, and deal with them yourself. The more polished and refined your work is, the more favorably it will be received when you’re finally ready to present it.

 4. Ask for (and take lots of) punishment: It is well worth finding yourself a professional writer or editor and asking/paying them to look at your work. Tell them to give you highly critical feedback with no sugarcoating. Let them go so far as to be cruel too, just so you really get the point. There is a lot of rejection and criticism involved in the publishing industry. Getting accustomed to it sooner than later is advantageous. If you want to be serious about your writing, then you’ll need to know everything wrong with your writing. Accepting and understanding the harsh realities of your shortcomings is a most important step to getting better.

 5. Disconnect: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, the Internet in general … we know how invasive social media and technology is in our lives these days. We also know that it can be good for promotion, building a brand, and having an online presence. But you know what else social media and technology is really good for? Procrastination, distraction, and countless wasted hours. Being able to unplug for long periods of time is more important than you may think. All those tweets you’ve posted might have added up the word-count of half a novel by now…

 6. Learn what good writing is: Honestly, there’s so much terrific writing out there, but there is also considerably more garbage as well. I’m constantly surprised by how many people don’t know the difference between the good and the bad. Art is subjective, true, but it isn’t that subjective when you remove ignorance and replace it with education. Duke Ellington said it best: “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind”. The same applies to writing.

 7. Have your own work space: It’s trendy nowadays to take your laptop to coffee shop or bar and write in public. I even advocate a change of environment/atmosphere when writing feels stifled. But I believe it’s more important to have and maintain your own private work space, a spot you can call your own with a desk and preferably a door you can close when you need to shut out the world in order to create your own.

 8. Dedicate to the craft: Serious writing is not something you merely do if or when you can find the time. It’s not just for Sunday afternoons, or the occasional evening, or a few hours a week when you can give it some attention. Make the time, and make lots of it. Tackle the craft daily and dedicate a generous portion of your existence to honing your skills. You’re only going to get out of it what you put into it, and serious writing requires a lot of investment.

 9. Time management: When it comes to the hours or days you’ve reserved for writing, make sure you stick to your guns. Consider it sacred. To most other people, your ‘writing time’ is merely ‘flexible time’. They will invariably think that you can cancel, minimize or postpone working when it suits you (or them). Tell these people that your personal work time is not negotiable; much like theirs isn’t at their day jobs. You don’t need a regimented schedule, but you do need to clock in the hour

 10. Remember the Three “P’s”: I’ll admit there’s still a hell of a lot more to say on the topic of writing tips, but what it all comes down to in the end are three things I believe writers need to remember above all else: Patience, Perseverance, and maintaining your sense of Purpose.

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Check this website where I took inspiration of this post. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Top 10 Harry Potter places to visit in London

Hello writers and readers, 
As a fan of Harry Potter I thought to create a post of the 10 top places to visit in London about Harry Potter movies. 
I visited all of them myself,  Warner Bros studios excluded (such a pity) but it's the main target of my next London visit. 
Hope you will enjoy and you will find some interesting places to add at your next London tour.

Here we go the...  

Top 10 Harry Potter places in London   


1 Diagon Alley at Leadenhall Market 
where... Gracechurch Street - EC3 nearest Tube, Monument station

Diagon Alley is one of the most iconic locations in Harry Potter’s London, as it’s the high shopping street of the wizarding world. In the first movie, Leadenhall Market was used to shoot the exterior of the magical shops found in the alley. Leadenhall Market is a beautiful Victorian covered market with many different specialty shops. In the section of the market called Bull’s Head Passage you’ll find the blue shop front that was used as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in the film.

2 Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station
where...  King's Cross station 

The beautiful Victorian  building of St. Pancras Station was used as the exterior of King’s Cross Station where students board the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 ¾ in the Harry Potter films. 
Here you’ll have the chance to take a picture (complete with a Gryffindor scarf) and to check out the adjacent Harry Potter shop

3 Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour London
where... Leavesden, Watford 

It's the best location for every Potter's fan,
On the tour you’ll be able to visit the original sets of the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s Office, Hagrid’s Hut and many more. There’s also a beautiful scale model of Hogwarts, several props and costumes.

Easy to reach just take the train from London Euston to Watford, booking is suggested. 

 4 Gringotts Bank  The Australian High Commission 
 where...  Strand  nearest tube Charing Cross station

The beautiful interior of the  Gringotts bank was shot inside the Australia House The Australian High Commission is housed in the building  and is not easy  to get inside, only for specific reasons as a visa application,  otherwise they will denied access. The amazing exterior, however, worth a visit.

5 Charing Cross Road

where...  nearest tube  Tottenham Court Road Station

Although it is a Muggle area, the Leaky Cauldron inn is located on this street, and thus wizards and witches can access Diagon Alley by passing through the inn. Charing Cross Road is renowned for its specialist and second-hand bookshops and more general second-hand and antiquarian shops giving the street an intriguing charm.



6 Westminster Tube station

Westminster Tube Station is one of the main locations Harry Potter uses when travelling in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and had to be closed to the public for an entire day during filming. Westminster is one of the most historic areas in London and is close to endless attractions including the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square, Downing Street and the London Eye.



7 Reptile House, London Zoo

where ... Outer Circle, Regent's Park - NW1

nearest tube  Camden Town station


Find out if you have Harry Potter's gift of Parseltongue (being able to talk to serpents) at London Zoo. The Reptile House is home to some of the biggest snakes on earth, as well as lizards and crocodiles. It is here that a python speaks to Harry for the first time.


8 Tower Bridge  

where... nearest tube  Tower Hill station 



In The Order of the Phoenix, Harry flies along the Thames and over Tower Bridge on his broomstick.


9 Piccadilly Circus

where... nearest tube  Piccadilly circus station


At Piccadilly Circus you can walk in the footsteps of the three main characters. It is through here that Harry, Ron and Hermione run during Deathly Hallows Part 1, when they flee the wedding of Ron's older brother after learning Death Eaters are on their tails.


10 Lambeth Bridge

where...  nearest tube  Lambeth north station 


It’s on Lambeth Bridge that the Knight Bus has to squeeze between 2 oncoming double-decker buses in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The next bridge downstream is Westminster Bridge.


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