Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Social Media Rules for Indie Authors

Hello writers and readers, 

Today I would like to introduce a new topic: Social Networks Rules for Indie Authors. 

Well like most people know nowadays social media usage is growing and is now part of our lives. For many of us, using social media sites is a very common thing, most of us share photos with family and friends and we as writers we post our photos of our books for promoting it, connecting with other authors, readers and fans.

I research the best rules to how to use social media and how not. 

1 When you post something on Facebook, Google +, maybe about the last book you have read or something about your book, is because you want a interaction, attention, from others, that's right but you have to reply to everyone that comment your post, doesn't matter who is because this is the basic thing you have to do, don't ignore the comments you get and don't click like because it is rude. 

2 Many writers post on social media Facebook especially, links to their books every day, but this could be considered spam and people ignore it. Instead be social with authors, readers, interact with them  post about your books in groups, then spread it out and doing it all at once swamps friends news feeds.

3  Post fun photos of your books in curious places or events, photos of a book are also a good way of getting the word out. No need to post buying link, just fun pics.

4 Social sharing is good to helping others, it is about interaction, engagement and mutual support, when someone need help do it but cheer them also when they are doing well too, If you share others book don't expect anything in return, just do it as if you like it. Give first, ask later. The best rule of thumb is to give more than you take.

5  Listen: listen and observe, see what’s being said online and how you can participate. Dialog: communicate, remember the cocktail party example.Participate: join in, share stuff, be helpful. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion.

6  Leave your wallet at the door: don’t show up online wanting to make money. Show up ready to share and enlighten. This will take you much further.

7  Be honest: it’s tempting for some to embellish or lie. Who’s gonna find out about it, right? Wrong. The Internet has a way of sifting out the fake stuff and embracing the real messages.

Focus on building social Karma (always do favors, never ask for them or expect them).

9  90% of your content should not be about yourself or your book. You should be sharing other people’s posts, researching and finding useful information online, helping out people solve problems, and making positive relationships by providing value.

10 Build a platform comment on other people’s blogposts or Facebook posts or tweet. Share their stuff. Offer constructive feedback (not just praise). Be a connector – introduce people to each other when they can both benefit from the relationship, even though you won’t profit from it.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Aliens on the moon

Aliens on the MOON? Breakthrough as scientists discover OXYGEN on Earth's satellite. Solar winds are blasting oxygen from the Earth to the Moon in what could be a major breakthrough for finding life elsewhere than our planet.


 Could aliens be on the moon?


Scientists had long given up on finding alien life on our Moon due to its barren, dusty state - but the discovery that there is some oxygen could reopen the investigation.
On Earth, oxygen is, along with water, one of the key ingredients to life.
Researchers have now discovered that during a five-day period of each month, the Moon is showered with oxygen ions from Earth.
During a short period of each month, the Moon passes through the Earth’s magnetosphere – the magnetic shield which protects us from radiation, something that the Moon does not have.

 Solar flares release particles that stream out into space

When it does, the lunar satellite is protected from the solar winds and is instead littered with material from Earth’s atmosphere – most significantly oxygen.
Astrophysicist Kentaro Terada from Osaka University in Japan told EOS: "Our new finding suggests that the Earth-Moon system coevolves not only physically but also chemically.”

 The Moon is showered with oxygen ions from Earth

The research from Terado and could go towards explaining the Moon’s rocks chemical composition.
When scientists analysed lunar rocks in 2006, they found that oxygen levels did not match up to what they should be for a celestial body with no atmosphere and no signs of life.

 The Earth's magnetic shield protects us from solar storms

However, the discovery that it picks up oxygen ions from Earth goes towards explaining the imbalance.
Terada told the Atlantic: "[Earth's] upper atmosphere consists of oxygen ions that are easily picked up by the solar wind and transported to the Moon.
"Maybe some portion is implanted on the Moon, and some portion is lost into interplanetary space."


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